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chibi_obsseser wrote in sasuke_inkydick
sorry guys!!i gotta have rules or my niisan gonna start a long,horrible lecture about being resonible,and that everyone does here it is

1)have fun(im dont like part poopers)
2)dont be mean!(like making fun of someone's art work,or writings!!)i want everone to have a good time so dont be a bully!
3)make sure all the fics,and pics be under lg-cuts unless its not that big you can just post it on the community!
4)when writing a story make sure you add:
summary(duh!kinda need that to see if your story is interesting or not!)
rating(some people cant take all that hardcore stuff!)
feedback(some people cant take all the attention.....)
archive(you dont know,somebody might want to share your works with others and you need to give permission!^_^)
genre(y'know romance,smutt,angst ect....)
disclaimer(just make the creator feel at ease that your not one of them imposters!)
make sure that sasusai is the main charater!(or it can be side too!hey,this couple will take anything!!)
and last but not least,make sure you put in order which is going to be on top and bottom,exactly in that order!(cause people can be picky!)or if there anal(that means no uke or "bottom" at all.

those are all the rules!!!see?arent you glad they werent that harsh and unfair?


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