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sai's got sasuke's inky dick

for all sasusai lovers!

More SaiSas love!
but you feel so LA [stock]
heroesknowitall wrote in sasuke_inkydick
Title: Invitation.
Author: heroesknowitall 
Characters: Sai, Uchiha Sasuke, Ayame and Teuchi.
Pairings: Sai/Sasuke.
Rating: T (13+)
Genre: Romance/Humour.
Warnings: Yaoi and some inappropriate language.
Word count: 1,035 (I really couldn't give a damn about the fact that I broke the word limit)
Summary: Sasuke’s back and excited to spend to time with the original team seven; so what will happen when Sai, his replacement shows up?

Level on up now, don't fall behindCollapse )